The Ultimate Idea App Inspires People To Create

The Ultimate Idea app provides a reliable source to store data ( ideas, notes, brainstorming, reminders, etc). With the Ultimate Idea app, you can easily organize your thoughts into folders and listen to them when you have a chance.

We believe this App is a universal use, for individuals, entrepreneurs, business professionals, psychology, meetings, marketers, and students.

Sometimes the best idea comes when you least expect. Perhaps you are a student working on a project and an idea comes to mind. You realize that some of these ideas are actually good. You may not have the financial means to start a business from that idea right away, but it can help you not to forget about your idea/strategy and set a goal or focus for you.

The Voice Search technology can allow you to find your audio or text files simply by using your microphone on your Smartphone.

How It Works

Download and Install the App

Download and install the App from Google Play Store.

Start Using The App

You can launch the App, and start recording or writing your thoughts with the Record and Write button. You can save and listen to it back.

Organize and Prioritize

You can organize your files into folders and sub-folders and sorting them by name and date, making it easy to find that spark in your brain.

Voice Search

The ultimate idea app allows you to search for recorded or written files for a specific work or phrase and list them for you to play and stop.

Download The Ultimate Idea App

Download the App at Google Play Store.